Solar Car Project

Model Solar Car

Angled Solar Car

Solar Car Building Project 2011
Honors Physics

1. Each team (two students) will be supplied with the necessary materials for making a model solar car from scratch, with the exception of the body, and may make any modifications or use any body design you desire. However, the engine, and solar panel provided by the instructor must be used.

2. Cars will be raced on Monday, May 2, 2011 (A day) or Friday, April 29, 2011 (B day), during class and all student teams must have a fully built, ready to race, car on that day, anyone failing to do so will receive a zero for their project grade.

3. The car must complete a course that is 5 feet wide and 60 feet long. The car must stay on the course and cross the finish line with 4 minutes.

4. Cars will have a maximum of two tries to complete the course.

5. Fully built, functional (this means they actually go when placed on the ground in the sun) will receive a minimum grade of 70 points. Additional points will be awarded as follows:

a. Car remains on the course for the entire 60 feet: 10 points
b. Car completes the course in less than three minutes: 10 points
c. Car completes the course in less than two minutes: 20 points

Please note that you cannot earn points for both b and c!** Maximum score is 100 points.

Students may work with a partner from any physics class taught by their teacher. Any student who has not named their partner and picked up a kit by April 8 th will be assigned a partner by the instructor.